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IB Connect: Home

The Mission

IB Connect exists to support the academic excellence of Pensacola High School's International Baccalaureate Program, its students and their families, as well as the Pensacola High School administration, faculty, and staff through volunteer support, fundraising, event sponsorship, family outreach, and other activities as needed by the IB Office.

This website exists to connect students, parents, community members, and the school, in support of IB Connect's mission. Let's get connected! We are better together!!! 

Donate and Make HISTORY... and SCIENCE, too!

Generally, when you give to IB Connect, those funds are used in myriad ways to impact PHS IB students and teachers. From time to time, IB teachers make special requests for materials to enhance learning. When we receive those special requests, we make our community aware so that you can choose to give in direct support of those special requests. Currently, there are two such teacher requests for donations. 

  • AP European, World, and Contemporary History Maps - Admit it! We're all guilty of watching the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games and mumbling, "Really? That's a country now?" Did you know that, since Whitney Houston made us all tear up when we first heard "One Moment In Time" in 1988, 34 NEW COUNTRIES have been created!?! So you can understand the need to update the large maps that adorn the walls of a World History classroom! Your donation directly to this project will be used to purchase updated classroom maps for various PHS AP History classes.
  • IB Science Department Scales - In IB science classes, "a smidge of this" and "a dash of that" won't quite cut it. The labs our students engage in require precision down to the milligram, or in layman's terms, "a teeny, tiny, mini-bit". Reliable, durable scales with such accuracy are costly. Please consider donating to this cause. Any amount helps... even teeny, tiny, mini-bits.

Those links above take you to our school district's "My School Bucks" site, the Escambia County School District's online payment system, where you can donate any amount that is right for you! Thank you for your support.

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Upcoming IB Connect Meetings

Mark your calendars for our next IB Connect Meetings, happening this Fall! All IB Connect Members are welcome to attend. If you're not a member, become one today simply by filling out/submitting this IB Connect membership form along with your donation before the next meeting!

Upcoming Meetings:

TBD--PHS Media Center


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