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PHS Varsity and JV Team Members at UCA Summer Camp.
Mascot Tryouts
Mascot Tryouts

Thank you for showing interest in becoming Pensacola High School’s tiger Mascot!

The following is a condensed version of the guidelines for the PHS mascots. Each candidate and parent/guardian(s) should read and understand these requirements BEFORE tryouts occur. If a conflict should occur, the candidate should reconsider before trying out for mascotting. Although prestige and recognition are gained by being a mascot, a great amount of responsibility must be assumed by the individual AND the family. Therefore, each candidate and parent/guardian(s) must sign the permission form within this packet. Being a PHS mascot means hard work and we’d like to build our mascot program with individuals who are committed. Mascots are expected to be spirit leaders throughout ALL aspects of school, NOT just during football season. They are expected to act like young adults at all times, since they represent PHS wherever they go. A mascot’s attitude toward their duties must always be positive and motivated. If you cannot be motivated, how can you motivate the school?

Cheer/Mascot tryout Forms

Freshman Cheer Tryouts
Freshman Cheer Tryouts

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Contact Coach Maria Stack to make your tax deductible donation to help the PHS Cheerleading team!

Checks can be made payable to:  Pensacola High School Cheerleading

Checks can be mailed to:  

Pensacola High School
ATTN:  Cheerleading Team 
500 W. Maxwell Street
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  • Speaker System for Practice Room


  • iPad (for practices, games, performances, software, etc)