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Your Future is Your Choice With Career Academies

The School District of Escambia County’s career academies are small learning communities within middle or high schools that focus on a career pathway for a two-, three-, or four-year span. Students enter through a voluntary application process; they must apply and be accepted, with parental knowledge and support. Students in a career academy take a mixture of career (usually one or two) and academic (usually three or four) classes each year. Classes meet entrance requirements for four- year universities. Students develop knowledge in a given industry, and—in most academies—students have opportunities to earn industry certification relevant to the career academy. Students’ senior year may include work experience, paid or unpaid, in the community.

Admission Requirements for Career Academies

  • All students must have a "C" average
  • All students must have no recurring discipline problems
  • All students must have no serious attendance issues

Waivers are considered: parents may appeal if the students does not meet one or more of the requirements. Space is limited.

PHS Career Academies

Academy for Health Professions (Nursing) Robert Price
Automation and Production  Technology Academy Susan Montalvo
Business Management Academy 

Walter Smith

Culinary Arts Academy

Early Childhood Education Academy

Mitchell Rodriguez

Anna Louise Pierce

Law and Public Service Academy Valerie Walker
Sports Medicine Academy Justin Aultman